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Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. We offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns aimed at improving your health and wellness. Get in touch today to see how we can create a personal plan for your needs.

Yoga Pose


Consultations involve discussing in detail the problem you wish to address, your past medical history, medications, diet, and lifestyle.  You will also be asked in-depth questions on how your different body systems, such as digestion and immune system, are functioning as all your body systems are connected and work in synergy.  If appropriate some tests, such as checking vitamin or hormone levels may be recommended.  

All consultations are conducted via Skype for your convenience and comfort.


Initial consultation - £70

Initial consultations last between 60-75 minutes.  Following an in-depth discussion, we will identify what priorities there are and the best way to move forward with your management plan.  We may identify that tests would be beneficial to optimise your management plan which can be ordered if necessary.  You will receive a personalised management program including herbal,  dietary and lifestyle advice, along with support materials.  


Follow-up - £50    

During this appointment, we will review your progress and management plan to identify how we should proceed.  Any challenges you have faced in implementing changes will be addressed.  Sessions last 30-45 minutes.

Nutrition Coaching packages - £270

For those who need intensive nutrition and lifestyle support, coaching packages are available.  This includes a thorough initial consultation, followed by 5 follow up sessions and support materials.  These sessions are scheduled at weeks 2, 4, 7, 11 and 17.  Making changes in life can be challenging.  This package is designed to provide you with regular support to break up dietary and lifestyle recommendations into small, manageable goals, whilst providing you with the tools to achieve them. Package valued at £320.

Free 10-minute consultation

Finding the right service and practitioner to suit you is an important part of your health journey.  If you would like to discuss whether herbal medicine or nutrition coaching is right for you, book a free 10-minute call.



In conjunction with Genova Diagnostics and BIOLAB, various testing such as thyroid profiles, vitamin levels, allergies and gut profile can be ordered where appropriate.  Tests can be an invaluable asset to developing your health improvement programme by highlighting particular areas of need and allowing us to be more specific and targeted in our approach.  This are only recommended following a consultation.

Intuitive Counseling


Baby massage is designed to give parents, guardians, and carers the skills to massage their babies themselves.  It provides a long list of benefits to baby whilst also being beneficial to parents in creating intimate bonding moments and increasing your confidence.  



Sonya trained with the world renowned Peter Walker who has developed these techniques over 40 years, working with thousands of families.  As Sonya is also a qualified Physiotherapist & Medical Herbalist, she is able to provide additional guidance on supporting healthy development as your child grows.


Emotional intelligence & loving touch 


From birth to 8 weeks old, this programme is designed to help with:

- bonding and attachment

- attunement to baby's communication cues

- introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma 

- introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time

- demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise baby's posture and abilities

- reduce digestive discomfort such as colic

- improve sleep

- can also be taught prenatally 


Developmental baby massage


From 8 weeks to standing, this programme is designed to:

- introduce massage techniques that build on the above, whilst also helping:

- develop circulatory and breathing rhythms

- develop joint flexibility and muscle strength

1:1 Private sessions - £45

These sessions are tailor-made to focus on the areas that will be of most benefit to you and your baby.  We will look at the principles of baby massage and introduce techniques that you can use as well as how to best implement tummy time.  Sessions are 45 minutes.

Colic support - £85

It can be very challenging to look after babies with colic and the advice online can often be confusing and overwhelming.  Colic support sessions are designed to try to identify the cause of your baby's discomfort and develop a safe and practical plan for managing their symptoms.  Management plans are tailor-made to suit you and your baby, whether you are breast milk or formula feeding.  If necessary, recommendations to health health care practitioners such as lactation consultants, dietitians and GP's may be suggested.  An integrative approach is taken to work alongside doctors advice and treatments for babies who are being managed medically. Initial appointment is 60 minutes followed by four 15 minutes follow up sessions at week 1, week 3, week 5 and week 7.

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