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We are currently facing an extremely challenging situation.  There is, as always, a lot of disinformation so I have compiled some resources that you may find helpful and will continue to add to this as able.  It is important to step up to date with recommendations but try not to spend too much time on social media & focusing on numbers of cases as this can be very stressful.  The best thing we can do is to follow sensible measures and support our local communities.

NHS advice on COVID-19.

World Health Organisation advice. advice.

Below are various websites to help make social distancing & self-isolation a bit easier.  It is really important for people to take steps to look after their mental & physical well-being during this difficult time.  Keeping up with your usual activities within your home or taking up a new hobby is going to be really helpful.  Many businesses are offering their usual services online and many are also offering free services so try to find something other than working from home or binge-watching TV (although I will be doing plenty of this too - it's all about balance!) to keep you occupied.

Inevitably we have been seeing an increase in mental health disorders, both an exacerbation in those with pre-existing conditions such as depression & anxiety, and newly developed disorders as a result of the stress, uncertainty & isolation due to Covid-19. You can find some really helpful mental health resources here.  Although it has improved drastically over the last few years, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health conditions but you should be no more ashamed of talking about it than you would a cold.  If you feel like you are struggling, reach out to someone you trust, a health care professional or one of the many charities that are available like Mind, ReThink, Mental Health Foundation, Young Minds or Mental Health UK.

Self-isolation posters from Chronically Awesome.

Online yoga & meditation classes are being run by yoga studios all over the country.  If you don't have a studio you already go to, check out Pause Yoga.

If live-streaming doesn't suit you, my personal favourite for online yoga is Yoga with Adriene.

If you are a gym bunny, Centr is a really well-rounded workout & nutrition app.  I was actually using this before they offered the trial and it is a great app with lots of workouts to suit every level and lots of great recipes.

If you are struggling with stress & anxiety, is offering free mindfulness resources.

If you need to escape, why not venture into space with NASA or into one of the many museums and art galleries across the world who have virtual tours like Uffizi gallery in Florence or Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburgh.

Not only is trying new recipes fun when you have the time but good nutrition is really important for supporting your immune system.  Here are a few of my favourite websites for healthy and tasty cooking.

Robyn Puglia

Against All Grain

Deliciously Ella

Texan Erin

Fit Foodie Finds

Oh She Glows

Olives For Dinner

Running On Real Food

I'll keep adding to this but if you have come across any great resources, please get in touch so I can add them.

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